ANDXOR Solutions

    Secure Dual Factor Authentication:
      • RFC 4226 HOTP/OATH
      • IOS - iPhone and iPad application.

    TDoc (Trusted-Doc) DataEvolution
    Automatic Document Preservation including Log integrated with Workflow (FileNet, Alfresco etc).

  • KryptoEvolution & TimeEvolution Security Servers
    Security Servers for CCEAL4+ Digital Signature and TimeStamping ITSEC E2.

  • Certified Email Solution
  • Digital Signature QR Code includes Documents and Digital Signature in a QRCode format
    (ISO/IEC 18004:2006).
  • Server Centric Security Solutions
  • Client based products
  • Best Software Quality
  • Multiplatform custom applications
  • Compliancy with existing laws & regulations (US-EU).