ANDXOR News in reverse order.


    ANDXOR OTP Tokennow available for free on Apple Store.

    Secure Dual Factor Authentication via standard RFC 4226 HOTP/OATH.

    It authenticates the user to any OTP enabled server with a strong dual factor authentication.
    ANDXOR OTP Token runs on IOS - iPhone and iPad.

    ANDXOR OTP Token is a free software token for two-factor authentication for the iPhone iPad. ANDXOR OTP Token implements the RFC 4226 HOTP/OATH algorithm standard and is not tied to any proprietary server software.

    Nov '12

    ANDXOR Corporation released Web2Sign.

    From Ink To Digital   From Ink to Digital

    allows the user to execute an accredited digital signature on PDF files located on the remote Cloud server. No software is needed on the computer or on tablet.
    Functional: From Anywhere using AnyDevice for EveryOne. A single remote centralized interface. No software to be installed. Works on PC, MAC, Tablet , iPhone, iPad, Notebook or any device with a browser.

    Easy to Use: Single touch Visualization, Strong Dual Factor Authentication, Accredited Digital Signature and Verification. Graphical signature is included in the Digital Signature and the document itself using the ipad touch screen.

    Highly Secure: PDF files will not leave the Cloud Server. Digital Signature keys are securely stored on CC EAL4+ remote server (no need of smart cards, or tokens that can be lost). Authentication is performed with OTP (one Time Password) Dual Factor Authentication using the same iPad/Tablet (no phone, no extra device to carry).

    Standard / Approved: communication between the iPad/Tablet and the Application Server is achieved via Web Services. The communication between the Application Server and the CCEAL4+ server is achieved via PKCS#11. The OTP communication is OATH RFC 4226 standard.

    The platform can be in serviceor in-house and includes the API to build custom application for any type of documents.

    Aug '12

    ANDXOR Corporation released View2Sign


    View2Sign allows the user to sign PDF files located on the remote server using no software on his tablet.
    A remote secure and accredited digital signature can be achieved on a PDF remote document using a simple ipad interfaced with our secure CC EAL4 server.
    OTP (one Time Password) and Dual factor authentication is performed on the tabled as well as the secure visualization of the PDF document allowing the user to digitally sign (RSA keys are located securely on the server) including also a graphic version of his signature.

    No software is needed on the user side and no installation and maintenance is required.
    No Token or key need to be own or hold by the user.

    It is a fully centralized secure solution using fully standard PKCS11 protocol as well as RFC 4226 OTP.

    T-Sign is providing not only signature capabilities but also encryption leaving the document in the customer client computer and without installing any software.

    Feb '11

    ANDXOR Corporation released a new version of Solid-Look software that can be interfaced with an Ipad or any Tablet currently in the market..

    User mobility allow faster operation and control.

    The user can start stop recording, visualizing as well as driving all the Solid-Look functionalities from a portable tablet as if he was operating at the console.

    Some tablets will allow the user to see in 3D Stereoscopic creating a perfet mobile environment

    Jan '11

    ANDXOR Corporation released a new version of Solid-Look software that support full high definition 3D picture/ frame capture while recording 3D HD video.

    Jan '11

    ANDXOR Corporation new Solid-Look 3D platform now supports Sony and LG and Samsung 3D display as well as the new 3D single lense full high definition LG projector.

    Oct '10

    ANDXOR Corporation now is a partner of Adobe and support centralized digital signature using the Adobe Roaming ID protocol().

    Now you can sign using Adobe Reader free software.


    ANDXOR is a certified ADOBE partner

    Sep '08-'10

    ANDXOR supported Solid-Look during the installation of EndoStereoVision in the following hospitals:

        • University of Illinois at Chicago
        • New York Presbyterian
        • Weill Cornell
        • MATTU - University of Surrey
        • SOFAR Milan, Italy

    June '10

    Andxor is pleased to announce to announce that Solid-Look was mentioned in the June 2010 Economist magazine (science and technology - page 82 - june 2010)

    Apr '09

    Andxor supported Solid-Look during the first worldwide transmission of a 3D High Def surgery (NY to Chicago).
    The Surgery was performed by Dr. Ash Tewary (New York Presbyterian hospital) and the audience - 400 doctors -were at the AUA (American Urology Association annual conference) Hyatt Chicago.

    Sept '08

    Andxor has founded Solid-Look Corporation to bring 3D Stereoscopic Vision in the Operating room for Minimal Invasive Surgery. Mercurio Capital Partners funded the validation phase.

    Oct '07

    ANDXOR Corporation new Full HD Solid-Look paper has been succesfully presented and accepted at IS&T / SPIE's Electronic Imaging 2008.

    The title of the paper is :
    Moving up to high-resolution (dual 1920x1080): acquiring and visualizing stereoscopic non-compressed images in real-time for dentist and medical applications, Raffaello Galli, ANDXOR Corp. [6803-46]

    is a complete real-time stereoscopic vision system.
    (visualize, store, preserve and playback).

    2007 SD&A Expo  - ANDXOR Solid-Look
    2007 Grand-View Demonstration

    Please, contact ANDXOR Corporation ( for more information.


    ANDXOR Corporation will be participating at the 60th annual DPI/NGO conference on Climate Change and GLOBAL WARMING on September 5-7 at the UN headquarter - New York.

    ANDXOR will be announcing a new stereoscopic project in joint participation/collaboration with "The Light Millennium", a non profit organization.

    The project goal (Darfur and Karabakh/Azerbaijan) and will be released next year during the 61st conference regarding Human Rights. All the recived funds will be tax-deductible.

    The project is amed to bring to the public Stereoscopic 3D footage, to allow a true three dimensional vision and an incredible immersive participation of the viewer.
    This will help projects, within UN organization, to raise funds.

    Meet us at the UN Headquarter on September 5-7 2007 to discuss cooperation and see with your eye what can be easily done.

    Here you can download the ANDXOR proposal and project description.

    Please, contact ANDXOR Corporation ( or +1(917)6831780 for more information.

    Mar '07 ANDXOR Corporation has succesfully released Solid-Look for TRUE Real-Time Stereoscopic HD 1080 (1920x1080) visualization and recording.
    • NO Delay or Latency in Visualization.
    • Full HD 1920x1080 pixel recording of left and right video files.
    • New Technology stereoscopic camera for Full HD 1920x1080 video images
    • Playback using stereoscopic displays and/or projectors
    • Multiple output - Real-Time Visualization, Console and Training room.

    Solid-Look is a complete modular true real-time stereoscopic vision system from camera to CPU to Display (visualize, store, preserve and playback).

    Multiple industry can take advantage of Solid-Look for true HD real-time operation and recording (from surgery to dentist, from bomb squad to military operations).

    Please, contact ANDXOR Corporation ( for more information.

    Feb '07

    ANDXOR Corporation has succesfully presented and demonstrated the new Solid-Look at IS&T / SPIE's Electronic Imaging 2007.

    is a complete real-time stereoscopic vision system.
    (visualize, store, preserve and playback).

    Raffaello Galli and John Merritt

    You can download the Presentation (Powerpoint) and Solid-Look_V2.pdf

    Please, contact ANDXOR Corporation ( for more information.

    Nov '06

    Solid-Look for Image Measurement has been added to the Solid-Look solutions suite.

    Solid-Look for Images is a complete simple to use and modular image processing software.
    Has been designed for the medical field - from pathology to radiology - but can be used in other industry like Forensic imaging.
    Solid-Look for Images has a very accurate image measurement, image enhancement and volume-surface rendering.

    You can download the video and request the program to test it.

    Please, contact ANDXOR Corporation ( to receive the key to download and test the program.

    Oct '06

    ANDXOR Corporation paper has been accepted at IS&T / SPIE's Electronic Imaging 2007.

    We will present our Solid-Look new stereoscopic technology during the SD&A (Stereoscopic Displays and Applications) conference that is a part of IS&T / SPIE's Electronic Imaging 2007.

    ANDXOR Corporation invites you to see our latest work on stereoscopy during the demonstration session at our boot from January 29th to 31st in at the San Jose Convention Center San Jose.

    Please, contact ANDXOR Corporation at to set-up a meeting.

    Sept '06

    Solid Look has been tested succesfully and its ready ready to be delivered for any of the following markets:

    • UAV-UGV-UUV (Unmanned Aerial-Ground-Underwater Vehicles).
    • Remote Andros bomb disposal robot “see through the robot's eyes”.
    • Unexploded ordinance handling.
    • Underwater inspection.
    • Surgical Operation.
    • Chip and Pipeline Inspection.
    • IR, NIR, FLIR Vision.
    • Microscopic measurement.
    • Forensic Photogrammetry.
    • Tactical Surveillance Systems / Law Enforcement.
    • Computer Aided Design.
    • Hazardous and nuclear materials handling.
    • Advertising.

    Please, contact ANDXOR Corporation ( for a test drive, a project integration or the delivery of the system.

    June '06

    Solid Look has received more than 90 positive feedback from all the Robots operators that have enjoyed our live demonstration at the IABTI. No negative feedback were received.

    Please, contact ANDXOR Corporation ( for a test drive, or a on-site demonstration.

    June '06

    Solid Look will be at IABTI (International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators) Tampa,FL 4-9 June 2006.

    Please, contact ANDXOR Corporation ( to receive an invitation to enter the Hospitality Suite #420.

    ANDXOR Corporation is providing the authentication of the images and the SW-HW integration of the solution.

    ANDXOR Corporation, L-3 Communication, 3DAT, Bristlecone and LC Technologies invite you to see how, the Real Time Stereoscopic technology, applied to an andros robot will substantially improve the performances.

    May '06

    FutureWave Systems, Atlanta, GA has signed, a reseller agreement with
    With this agreement the ANDXOR solutions and support will be available directly to all the customers located in the south east of the US.

    Raj Prabhu, VP - Global Sales of FutureWave Systems, has commented saying:
    "We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to a
    successful business relationship."

    May '06

    ANDXOR Corporation will be presenting Solid-Look at the "National Symposium on Electronic Defense" sponsored by the Italian NAVY on May 10-11 in Livorno Italy.

    Dott. Romano Pedroli will present the Innovative Technologies on Stereoscopic Vision and Ultra-Secure Information Preservation, on May 11th at 2:20pm .

    Please contact us ( to schedule a meeting at MariTeleRadar, Naval Accademy , Livorno-Italy, with Romano Pedroli .

    Apr '06

    ANDXOR Corporation has released DataEvolution on Multiplatform environment.
    "DataEvolution" allows any existing application to be compliant with most laws and regulations like SOX, GLBA, FDA CFR 21 part 11, DOD 5015-2, HIPAA, SB1386, NYSA, Check 21 etc.
    DataEvolution uses KryptoEvolution to achieve a robust legal evidence of authenticity, confidentiality and presence in time to use it as a proof to any third party using their standard and open source tools.

    Mar '06

    ANDXOR Corporation and Bristlecone Corporation join their forces in order to release a combined solution for Real Time Authenticated Stereoscopic Image Vision and processing.
    No wearables, eye tracking for stereoscopic camera movement and zooming, authentication, timestamping and encryption of all the images, real stereoscopic and holographic output monitor.

    Feb '06

    ANDXOR will participate at the Regional - New York / Delaware - FileNet Regional UserNet conference on April 18th 2006.
    Meet us at the Grand Hyatt New York City (at Grand Central Station) or contact us at to arrange a meeting.

    Jan '06

    ANDXOR Corporation releases BeSureMail for professionals.
    ANDXOR Class A Encryption, Authentication and Non Repudiation software is now available for professionals, Lawyers, and Accountants as well as National Government Agencies, and Public Corporations.
    BeSure-Mail is Zero click installation, easy to use and cost effective.

    Jan '06 ANDXOR Corporation integrated DataEvolution with Kofax Ascent Capture.
    Nov '05 ANDXOR presents the new eSign for P8 at the WorldWide FileNet UserNet 2005.
    Join us during the breakout session from the 6th to the 9th of November in Las Vegas, USA - Caesar Palace.

    Title: Beyond Digital Signature - TimeStamp and Biometrical Authentication for FileNet P8
    Oct '05 ANDXOR Corporation, became a member of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in New York.
    Sep '05 ANDXOR Corporation, the leader in Digital Signature, Encryption and Timestamping and AKSIS A.S., a leading provider of web-based knowledge management and workflow solutions, announced today that they have signed a Partnership agreement regarding ANDXOR "eSign for FileNet P8" solution.
    Aksis Partnership Accelerates ANDXOR Worldwide Market Coverage in the MEA (Middle-East & Africa) Region.
    Sep '05 ANDXOR will be at AIIM - in New York - Content Management Solution Seminar
    Please call us to arrange a meeting on October 3rd at the New York's Hotel Pensilvania.
    Form more information visit the AIIM site.
    Sep '05 Meet ANDXOR at the SUN presentation and showcase "NC05Q3" in New York September 12th.
    Jonathan Schwartz will present the new SUN Microsystems Server line and Storage from StorageTek
    Aug '05 ANDXOR will present the new eSign for P8 at the WorldWide FileNet UserNet 2005. Join us during the breakout session from the 6th to the 9th of November in Las Vegas, USA - Caesar Palace.
    Title: Beyond Digital Signature - TimeStamp and Biometrical Authentication for FileNet P8
    Jul '05 ANDXOR will expose at DMS (Digital Management Solutions) September 27-29 Essen Germany.
    Visit us at boot 1130 to learn more on DataEvolution, our Long Term Data Preservation solution.
    Jul '05

    The paper, "Cryptographic Key Reliable Lifetimes: Bounding the Risk of Key Exposure in the Presence of Faults" has been accepted at FDTC 2005 .
    The slides of presentation are available here.

    Jul '05 ANDXOR Italy has moved to a bigger location in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan) and the new telephone number is: +39 02 6129221
    Apr '05 ANDXOR will present the new eSign for P8 at EMEA FileNet UserNet 2005. Meet us at 11:00am 3rd of June in Prague at Hilton Hotel.
    Title: Beyond Digital Signature - TimeStamp and Biometrical Authentication for FileNet P8
    Mar '05 ANDXOR opened a new office in New York (United States).
    Mar '05 DataEvolution integrated with Timestamping and Data Compression has been announced.
    Mar '05 ANDXOR opened a new office in Germany (Dusseldorf).
    Feb '05 KryptoEvolution for FileNet P8 has been released for a customer in the Arab Emirates.
    Jan '05 KryptoEvolution integrated with FileNet P8 has been presented at the FileNet Kick off in Miami (USA)