ANDXOR Trusted-Doc

Secure Automatic Document Preservation


ANDXOR's Trusted-Doc
is a ready to use solution to manage transparently
digital signature, encryption and timestamp and data compression
to achieve evidence of integrity, authenticity and presence in time
for long term data preservation.


Trusted-Doc uses transparently RFC 3161 timestamp , digital signature -PKCS#7, XML and CMS- and encryption -3DES, AES-, data compression and migration. All the previous fuctionalities can be used internally (SW) or via external HW like (TimeEvolution) and (KryptoEvolution) according to requirements.

Trusted-Doc has been created to allow any storage application to be integrated with no effort. As son as the information reach the server where Trusted-Doc SW is installed then the operations (digital signature, encrytion, timestamping, compression etc..) defined by the policy will be transparently and automatically performed to achieve long term preservation.

Trusted-Doc features transform ANY existing application that archive files on a storage device, into an application legally compliant that automatically preserve those files in time (see SOX, HIPAA, FDA CFR21 part 11, Check 21, SB 1831 etc.).

Industries and Applications

= Healthcare -HIPAA, Personal health Information - privacy and confidentiality.
= Financial transaction Log (Banks, Credit Card companies, Insurances, P.A.)
= Data Integrity for financial reporting.
= Privacy policies and security breaches that affect customer information.
(GLB, California SB1396 and NY security act).
= Legal Data Interceptions.
= Log di traffico telefonico (fisso, mobile, SMS, MMS etc.).
= Surveliance Log.
= Private Data.
= etc.

Trusted-Doc Architecture

Dowload the Brochure.

Trusted-Doc manages files policies including deletion and copy on other devices and it combines input information with metadata for a better, fast and standard retrieval.

Trusted-Doc is a complete, consistent, scalable and reliable solution for high value customers' information.



digital Signature
  • Evidence of Authenticity
  • Evidence of Integrity
  • Evidence of Presence in Time
  • Confidentiality
  • Metadata Management
  • Multiple Storage Management
  • Data Migration
  • known as : signature on paper
    known as : paper not tampered
    known as : notary stamp
    known as : hide in safe place
    known as : paper classification
    known as : paper storage
    known as : none